Physiotherapy For Balance and Falls Prevention in Oxford

balance & falls

Rehabilitation for Balance and Mobility

Balance and Mobility often go 'hand in hand', we understand how one can have affect the other.

At Oxhab, we understand that our bodies rely on the integrity of complex internal systems to keep us well balanced, especially when sitting, standing, walking and running.

Different conditions and situations can affect these systems and lead to a reduction in balance. A reduction in balance can increase the risk of falling and affect confidence with everyday movements and activities.

How we help you

a reduction in balance and occurrence of falls increases the risk of injury, and may lead to isolation and can affect overall well-being.

Oxhab offer personalised and client-centred assessment and follow-up treatment sessions as part of rehabilitation. Oxhab have extensive experience and physiotherapy skills in helping people to improve and regain their balance and thus improve confidence with day-to-day movement, walking and exercise. With some conditions where it is not possible to fully restore balance, we understand how to teach compensatory strategies to help overcome and minimise the limitations of a loss in balance.

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We offer community based rehab in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. We come to you in your home, residential home or community settings such as gyms and pools.