Physiotherapy for Older Adults in Oxford

Older Adults

As we become older, the human body undergoes changes, these can be gradual over time or may occur quickly after a particular situation or with the onset of a condition. The changes can include a loss in muscle strength, agility, flexibility, bone density, and cognitive function. Another change that can occur is an increase in blood pressure.
In turn these changes can cause frailty, difficulty in completing day-to-day tasks, muscle weakness, problems with balance, posture and mobility and a reduction in confidence with movement and participation in physical activity. Being less active and less able to move can increase the rate at which these changes take place.
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The Benefits

The benefits of Physiotherapy for the older adult

The physiotherapists at Oxhab can help their clients in becoming more active and therefore aim to slow down and improve some of the changes associated with ageing. Exercise may be used to help normalise and improve; muscle strength, agility, flexibility, balance, bone density, blood pressure and cognitive function. As experienced and highly skilled physiotherapists, Oxhab understand why and how to implement exercise to potentially reverse and minimise the effects of ageing.

Helping you achieve your goals

Physiotherapy starts with a comprehensive assessment to discuss aspirations and to understand the concerns, alongside assessing physical capabilities relating to current mobility and balance abilities. A treatment plan which may include guided exercise will be formulated and implemented to allow each client to reach their goals.
The physiotherapists at Oxhab support and guide each client in setting goals that they would like to attain, and helping them to achieve the physical ability, as well the confidence to achieve their goals, such as to improve walking.
Oxhab are strong advocates that age should not be a barrier to physical activity, exercise and being able to achieve goals.
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We offer community based rehab in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. We come to you in your home, residential home or community settings such as gyms and pools.