Physiotherapy For Injuries & illness In Oxford

Injury rehab at Oxhab

Treatment for injuries, aches & pains in Oxfordshire

The human body is incredibly complex. Injuries can present in many ways. Sometimes individuals may have been suffering with aches and pains for some time. In other circumstances, injuries can occur suddenly with no apparent reason or caused by an accident or may arise from overuse of a particular part of the body. Injury from overuse can be caused by a highly repetitive movement, from playing sport or participating in exercise. Injury can cause pain and pain can also lead to injury! Many conditions such as arthritis, ‘wear and tear’ or tendinopathies can cause pain. Oxhab are skilled at treating and managing these conditions and preventing a re-occurrence or ‘flare up’.

How we can help you

Oxhab offer a personalised and client centred approach in the physiotherapy assessment and follow-up treatment sessions. Our approach is tailored to the individual’s needs and goals. It may include ‘hands on’ treatments such as graded exercise, soft tissue massage, taping, assisted stretching and mobilisations of certain joints. Treatments are often combined with advice and education on performing activities, managing your pain, and exercises to optimise the recovery process.
We aim to help you get back to your usual sport and exercise.
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We offer community based rehab in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. We come to you in your home, residential home or community settings such as gyms and pools.