Physiotherapy For Brain Injury in Oxford


Regain Your Functionality

Head Injuries are often life changing events. Oxhab are here to offer support and guide each client, through the process of rehabilitation. Sometimes, rehabiliation involves family members or carers.
Oxhab understand that head injuries can cause an array of problems, which can vary in severity. Some common problems caused by a head injury are difficulty with movement which may include the use of arms and legs, pain, stiffness, reduced balance, changes in sensation, changes in muscle tone and postural weakness. Other problems can include inattention, neglect, visual changes, problems with cognitive processes, difficulty with understanding and or speaking.

How we help you

Oxhab offer a personalised and client centred approach in the neurological assessment and follow-up treatment sessions following a head injury. We recognise the importance to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team as required, in the provision of a holistic approach to optimise the outcome of treatment.
Oxhab have extensive experience and specialist skills in providing rehabilitation for clients who have had a head injury, including clients who may present with complex to highly complex needs.
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Treatments may include interventions such as:

Specialist rehab technology and equipment can also be used in a customised approach to optimise the effectiveness of treatment.
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