Physiotherapy For Parkinson’s Disease In Oxford

Treatment for Parkinson's

Parkinson’s Disease

Oxhab understands that Parkinson’s can cause an array of problems, which can vary from mild to more severe. Some common problems caused by Parkinson’s are difficulty with movement and walking including slowness, freezing, difficulty with using arms and legs, stiffness, tremor, postural changes, pain, reduced balance and falls.
Other problems can include visual changes, problems with cognitive processes, difficulty with understanding and or speaking. Parkinson’s can also cause sleep disturbance and memory problems.
Oxhab offer a personalised and client centred approach in the neurological assessment and follow-up treatment sessions for Parkinson’s. We recognise the importance to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team as required, in the provision of a holistic approach to optimise the outcome of treatment. Oxhab has extensive experience and highly specialist skills in providing rehabilitation for clients who have Parkinson’s including clients who may present with complex needs to highly complex needs.

Professional Treatment may include:

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We offer community based rehab in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. We come to you in your home, residential home or community settings such as gyms and pools.