Functional Electrical Stimulation For Muscle Weakness In Neurological Physiotherapy

functional electrical stimulation At Oxhab

What is Functional Electrical Stimulation?

Functional Electrical Stimulation, also known as FES, is often used in neurological physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

FES involves the stimulation of nerve tissue which activates muscle, thereby increasing movement to help improve function. FES is typically delivered by one small medical device. One such device is called the Odstock Drop Foot Stimulator Device (ODFS®).

Oxhab are trained and have extensive experience in the prescription of the ODFS®.

FES can be used to improve walking

FES can be used to improve the movement and use of the hand

How can Oxhab help with FES?

Working with each client, the expert physiotherapy team are ready to offer the following:

Expert assessment in the use of FES

Expert guidance in supporting each client to formulate goals for using FES

Individualised trial of FES with review

Consider the options for ongoing FES treatment and review, as appropriate

Read Below for More Information Regarding the Benefits of FES

How can FES Help The Leg?

FES can be used for muscle weakness at the hip, knee and ankle. This can help with the re-education and correction of walking and standing.

In the presence of ankle weakness, which is sometimes referred to as ‘foot drop’, FES activates the muscles at the front of the lower leg, which raises the ankle for foot clearance at the correct time when walking. 

 Proven benefits as shown by strong evidence include: 

A reduction in trips and falls 

Improved walking speed and distance, this could be indoors and outdoors

Reduced effort of walking

Improved confidence with walking

Improved balance 

Improved quality of life

Depending on the neurological condition, training of the muscles and nerves may take place which may help with neuroplasticity (re-learning of movement) and strengthening of muscles.


How can FES Help The Arm?

FES can be used for muscle weakness of the fingers, wrist, elbow and shoulder

In the presence of wrist weakness, activation of the wrist and finger muscles can help to raise the hand and fingers in the preparation to pick up an object.


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