Physiotherapy For Hip Replacements In Oxford

hip replacement rehab

Rehabilitation for Hip Replacement

Hip joint replacements aim to improve and restore one’s quality of life and walking that has been negatively affected by arthritis, advanced ‘wear and tear’ or by a fracture. A Hip replacement will generally be a hemi (half) or total (full) replacement.
Following a hip joint replacement surgery, a period of rehabilitation is important to maximise the effectiveness of the surgery, and that’s where physiotherapy can play an important role.

How we work

At Oxhab we have a great deal of experience with clients who have undergone a joint replacement and can provide a high standard of rehabilitation and advice throughout your recovery process.
Oxhab offer a personalised and client centred approach in the physiotherapy assessment and follow-up treatment sessions. Following a comprehensive assessment, treatment will often include the provision and progression of exercises, hands on treatment, and advice and coaching when you are looking to return to activities after your operation.
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We offer community based rehab in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. We come to you in your home, residential home or community settings such as gyms and pools.