Ataxia Physiotherapy in Oxford

Ataxia Treatment at Oxhab

What is Atatxia?

Ataxia is a neurological condition affecting the central nervous system, and it commonly affects a structure of the brain called the cerebellum. There are different forms of ataxia. Ataxic movements can occur as a result of another neurological condition, such as multiple sclerosis or from a brain injury. Ataxia can present as un-coordinated movement and a reduction in balance, which can commonly affect all parts of the body including the arms and legs. Ataxia can cause a disturbance in function and cause difficulty with tasks such as balance, walking and fine control of the hands.  

How can the Physiotherapy team at Oxhab Help?

The neuro physiotherapy team have expert skills and extensive experience in the physiotherapy assessment and treatment of ataxia. We always discuss with the client what problems ataxia causes during day- to- day life, which can help the client in identifying the goals for treatment. 

We follow evidence-based practice and regularly review the research and clinical guidelines as part of clinical reasoning.  

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